That is a Caparo T1. Who knew? But here we are speaking about another kind of T1. Transition 1. It's how we get from the swim to the bike. As with most things a straight line is usually the quickest. I have a few tips for this too:
  • no speaking in T1
  • once out the water, start running smoothly
  • practise where to run beforehand (things look different while dizzy and surrounded by spectators)
  • whilst running unzip your wetsuit and strip it down to your waist
  • have a focus point for finding your bike (you obviously practised this before the race start)
  • take swim cap and goggles off as you zero in on your bike
  • once you find your bike take off your wetsuit. No need to stress at this point.
  • do not make sandwiches in T1
  • helmet, sunglasses on
  • socks and shoes on OR no socks and leave shoes on the bike if you are brave
  • race belt on
  • GO!!

Make sure you practise everything beforehand, unless you like surprises. Common faux pas:

  • bike shoes pre-attached to cleats detach during spectacular mounts onto the bike
  • swim cap and goggles left under helmet
  • helmet on backwards
  • helmet can't clip
  • things fall off the bike as you remove it from its position
  • bike in too big a gear
  • putting on a dry tri-top while wet is impossible
  • racenumber pinned through tritop
  • someone else's bike
As your brain goes fuzzy from the water and from being horisontal for so long, keep things simple. My mantra is :"helmet, glasses, shoes, socks, go!"

Go get 'em tigers,


  1. always interesting to hear what goes on in that head of yours! my fav. blog is still where you posted some of your fav. q&a from people doing races like "does it count if I'm carried to the finish line..."

  2. Rob
    Nice post really enjoyed it and had a few laughts as I recalled my early days in Triathlon. O and another one for your list:the left show on the right pedal and vice verca if you clipped them in before the race.

  3. Wrong shoe on the pedals must've been a classic ;o). I find it really funny when people's brain go fuzzy during the race and weird things happen. I had to smooth talk a marshall at one of my first races to help me put my shirt on. After a couple of minutes I realised I had pinned the number right through. How embarrassing!