Muse and Equilibrium

For some reason the words "Muse" and "Equilibrium" have had some meaning in my life. It probably comes from listening to The Doors in the nineties that the subtle seed has been sewn in my head. As for equilibrium, we all know that a good balance in all things in life is essential for sanity.

I do a 40k time trial around my neighbourhood every three weeks. I've done it a couple of times just under 70 minutes and have noticed that my speeds have been getting a little bit faster to the extent that I have had to resort to external means of adrenalising (is that a word?) the body.

And my drug of choice? That'd be the music video that follows. If you have to crush all asunder (or just a bike PB), make sure your headphones are on tight and hold on.

It still gives me Goosies,


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