Hawaii can be heaven and it can be hell.
Jeff Goldblum

The Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, is upon us.

This Saturday 10th October, 1,853 triathletes will enter the warm waters of Kona, Hawaii, off Dig Me Beach. They have been working for this moment for a year. And for their entire lives. It is an all consuming existence focused on the completion of the race, personal bests and victory. 164 pro athletes will be vying for the world title. One man and one woman will go on to be world champions. For the women, the likely winner is the Brit, Chrissie Wellington. For the men, it's likely to be a war between the Australians (Craig Alexander and Chris McCormack) and the Germans (Faris Al Sultan - pictured above - and Norman Stadler). I hope the eventual winner is a Kiwi - either Cameron Brown or Terenzo Bozzone will do.

Good news for the record books:- Sister Madonna Buder is back at the age of 79.

Time to get into the mood.



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