Winter Training

We're a few weeks away from the Green Beret Month of July. All are invited to join in for the month of getting strong in preparation for Southern Hemisphere's Spring/Summer racing season. July will hold two things for us:

- 31 days of the Caveman nutritional way of life; and
- 31 days of entry level Green Beret training.

Details to follow..........the initial test is 27th June.

To get you psyched and amped and pumped, here is a clip of the Spartans that we will become. Tis known as Cross Fit. In case you don't get it the first time, that's:
- 25 Pull Ups
- 50 deadlifts
- 50 push ups
- 50 box jumps
- 50 floor wipers
- 50 clean and press, 1 kettle bell
- 25 pull ups
As fast as you can.

GB month will be remarkably easier than this. Girls are welcome too. In my mind we are, in any event, all girls.


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