The Result

It is hard to put in words how I currently feel. Actions, it is said, often speak louder than words. In this case, video clips reflect the current state of my body rather succinctly. A race report will follow, nonetheless.

By the way, I did finish the Comrades on Sunday. It wasn't pretty. I didn't run all of the 89 kilometres, and there was a considerable amount of walking. But I did finish. That was never in question.

Til the end,


  1. Power Robby! Congrats on an amazing couple of months of endurance sport - I hope you're gonna take some serious downtime to recover.

    My season's taken a bit of a hit as I de-selected myself from competition on sat with a broken collar bone coming off the bike at Tour of Wessex. IMFR in 5 weeks is a no go. New plan is Challenge Barcelona Oct 4.

    Sitting on my couch makes me realise what a privilege it is to be able to do these events.

  2. Houston! Oomph - collar bone. I feel the pain and grimaced as I read that. I am glad to see that you are already on the ball with Challenge Barcelona. That'll be uber-Power. Now that you have some *downtime* please could you send me a piece on how you managed a 10.15 on your first IM. Not the great race report but what you think you did right to get that done. I'd be interested to see what you thought about your training and Mark Allen Online. Heal well my friend, and send pics of you in your sling!!