Durban Sunshine

Here's the new Durban stadium for the 2010 Football/Soccer World Cup. Pretty gargantuan. It's an impressive stadium which dwarfs the ruby stadium which is close by. Not sure what they'll do with all these stadiums after the world cup? Maybe a transition area for the first Durban Ironman should Durban ever apply to host one?

Comrades registration is now done. Managed to avoid smashing myself to bits on treadmills where you could race against the champions and win money - unlike several other athletes who were queing up at the opportunity to do so. Train for a year, smash yourself to bits in 20 minutes. Crazy how people's minds work.

Weather looks like it'll be toasty,


  1. nice pix. How's the new baby doin'? how's big bro taking it? Got an opinion on natural sugar substitute? good? bad? or just stick to regular sugar and try not to over-do......BTW people at work are still laughing about the Q&A esp the one on being carried across the finish line by a medical team...

  2. New baby is on top form. But Ben does have rather big lungs!

    I'm weary regarding food substitutes of any kind and tend to go down the route of: how many processes has the product endured since it was taken from Mother Nature? I tend to lean towards things like honey as my sugar replacement.

    Big Bro Alb is on top form. Head fully shaved and everything! We are now at the Durban coast and getting ready for the big day tomorrow. There'll be no carrying each other across the line I hope!