Nemesis defined as:
1. something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.
2. an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.
3. siblings
History teaches us that great rivalries are based on worthy opponents. For example:

Rocky Balboa versus ThunderLips
Despite having just knocked out Apollo Creed, we all knew that ThunderLips would crush the little Italian man from Philly. But in the wonderful world of wrestle/boxing anything can happen, and Rocky managed to wangle his way out of a beating of a lifetime.

Which was like jumping out of the way of a freight train, only to be hit by the speed express that is Clubber Lang.

Ricky Bobby v Jean Girard
If it wasn't for the Shake and Bake magic of Ricky Bobby with his star spangled nerves of steel, the French ex-Formula 1 ("un") racer could well have broken the American's resolve. His "you're either first or you're last" mantra was one of the many strengths from Ricky Bobby's arsenal which ensured his suvival under (imaginary) fire.

Ted Kramer v Joanna Kramer
The picture on the right makes me shudder. Ted and Joanna (oh evil evil Joanna), getting stuck into each other over a glass of bitter white wine. And all the while their little Billy at home wondering whether he'd ever make french toast again with his dad. I think I cried last time I watched it. Having kids gives you a certain perspective on life and you quickly realise how susceptible to violent crime you become should someone mess with your loved ones.

Berto v Berto
The guy on the left is Alberto, my oldest brother by four years.
Do not underestimate him by his beady eyed, weak chinned disposition. He is a pitbull and does not know the meaning of the word surrender. As you may have guessed, I’m the guy on the right. In the last half decade, during which time I have completed 5 Ironman races, he has completed 5 Comrades Marathons.

There has been much deliberation as to who which race is tougher, the Comrades Marathon or the Ironman? Here are the stats:

- The Comrades marathon is an ultramarathon of approximately 90km’s (55.9 miles).
- An Ironman is a 3.8km (2.4 mile) swim, 180km (112 mile) bike, 42.2km (26.2 mile) run.
- Comrades winners do it in around 5h30mins, Ironman winners in about 8hrs to 8hrs30mins.
- Comrades cut off is 12 hours; Ironman cut off is 17 hours.
- Ironman South Africa is 5th April; Comrades Marathon is 24th May.

2009 will be the year in which we find out which is stronger: the Comrade or the Ironman.

Watch this space,

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