These eyes........

....have seen things no man ought ever to see. The roads became rivers, the bicycles fell apart, the Spirit was not broken.

Day 1 was 7h19m on the road. I lost my front skewer and ergo my wheel at 40kph down a mountain. I hear it looked like a road runner cartoon.

Day 2. 6h36m of arm and back shoulder jarring descents. Mountain biking is more about overall body conditioning than being road biking fit. The undercarriage is not happy.

Day 3. 8h30. We missed the cut off by a handful of minutes. My brakes stopped working with 21k's to go. Put on a foil blanket at 20k's to avoid hypothermia. Dave's chain snapped at 17k's to go. We ran, pushed, suffered to get ourselves in. Dave has worked out a fun way to dismount by vaulting his handlebars and running down the hills.

Day 4. 2h13m for the mud time trial. Stoked beyond belief that we made it to the finish.

And so concludes my forray into the world of mountain biking. Next time our team name ought to be "Sabie is not for novices".

At one moment we did 4kph up a mudslide. Almost memorable.

Happy festive season,

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